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Relationship & Reconciliation Puja By Astro Mukesh T


5 Ratti Agate Hakik (Gomed)

5 Agate Hakik Gomed

Wealth Rakhi for Brother


Citrine,Tiger Eye, Jade


  • This exquisite healing Rakhi combines the vibrant hues of not one but three different healing stones. Each type of gemstone has it’s own unique healing properties that come together to give you the energy you need to bring positive outcomes to your life. Citrine is known for it’s ability to bring happiness and joy, jade is said to attract good luck and harmony, whereas, the tigers eye stone can help you build your courage and confidence.Name: Citrine
    Also known as: Stone of Wealth
    Befitting: Wealth, Protection, Will Power
    Minerals: Silicon Dioxide
    Chakra: All Chakras


    • Great stone to work on solar plexus chakra & all types of digestive problems
    • Strengthen the will power & drive in life
    • Helps clean blocked old emotions & heals anxiety
    • Helps overcome depression
    • Attractor of wealth & money
    • Attracts luck for business

    Name: Tiger eye
    Also known as: Stone of Courage
    Befitting: Psychic protector, Confidence, will-power
    Minerals: Silicates
    Chakra: Brow, Solar Plexus


    • Encourages passion for life
    • Triggers will power and passion for success
    • Helps manifesting thoughts
    • Alleviates fear

    Name: Jade
    Also known as: Stone of Heaven
    Befitting: Abundance, Immune, System Luck
    Mineral: Silicon Dioxide with Mica
    Chakra: Heart Chakra


    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Good for lungs related diseases
    • Brings emotional balance & eases stress
    • Helps bring down fever and inflammation
    • Brings good luck and wealth
    • Also known as The Gamblers Stone
    • Protects from Electromagnetic Smog

    Dimension: Free Size

    Material: Citrine, Tiger Eye, Jade Crystal

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