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Sulemani is viewed as Hakik’s (psychic) stone. By wearing it, the individual is loaded up with positive vitality and it always considered to be true. It is likewise utilized in Fengshui Vaastu and it is regularly observed with laughing Buddha and other fengshui-based things. Hakik or agate is a semi-valuable hazy gemstone which is utilized as a mending stone. It is utilized in Astrology as a psychic stone.

The wearer of this stone is accused of positive vitality and fulfillment. The word ‘Agate’ is gotten from the Greek stream Achates which streams in Sicily. Greek logicians found it three centuries back. In old occasions, it was known as the warrior’s stone and was likewise utilized in Egyptian charms. Hakik is available in different colors, for example, red, dark, dim, smooth, blue, pink, green and darker.

The nature of the hakik is controlled by its weight,size and shading. A brilliant hued or multi-shaded Sulemani shows high caliber. This stone renders the wearer inward quietude and quality, which is helpful in battling pressure. It helps in keeping in touch with divine powers. Black hakik maala is worn by numerous of people and is accepted to be one of the most dominant assurance stone. It can clear the root chakra as it is intently connected with the tailbone which is the root chakra.



Sulemani Hakik Benefits:

It likewise evacuates fears and uneasiness and manages wild feelings. It is regularly worn by individuals remain shielded from dull plots created by adversaries or sick wishers. It invalidates the impact of such awful reviles and drives the wearer on the way of joy.

  • It protects its wearer from evil eye and black magic and it adds a positive aura to the atmosphere and balances the yin and yang, that is, the positive and negative energy.
  • Creates a body harmony which is explicitly advantageous for matured individuals.
  • Just by keeping it around or wearing it helps in self-assurance.
  • The malefic impact of Plant Saturn is diminished. Wearing the color related with a planet destroys the terrible planetary impacts.
  • Induces rest and fights restlessness and bad dreams.
  • Brings favorable luck and it also eliminates bad luck of the person.
  • Helps in assimilation and improves digestion.
  • Boosts sexual forces.
  • It mends muscle, joint and lymphatic torments.
  • Calms sexual pressure and pulls a rein on conjugal debates.
  • It helps in female propagation.
  • It improves center and execution. The wearer gets submitted towards the objective and is set to accomplish it.
  • It clears the root chakra, which is available at the base of the spine.
  • As effectively obvious, it’s an amazing healer and is generally gainful for medical issues and it also controls blood flow and fixes skin issues too.
  • It orchestrates the heartbeat.
  • The warm vitality oozed by hakik helps in pregnancy and bosom disease


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