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Beej Mantra Puja by Astro Sanjeev


  • Each beej or sound seed is associated with a specific deity, and similarly, each beejas is very important to gain the blessings of the specific god or goddess.
  • Beej mantras are the direct addresses of the corresponding deity. They are the sound manifestation of the deity they represent.
  • Regular chanting of the beej mantra in a prescribed way can help enhance the spiritual powers of people and enable them to see the true light in front of them leading their journeys.
  • All kinds of positive changes can be seen in life when the beej mantras are chanted with pure heart and faith.
  • Beej mantras are a very good way to bring focus on the self and let go of things that have no positive effects in life. Chanting them while meditating is an extremely good combination, as it’s like doing two good things at once.
  • Beej mantras make a person more spiritually inclined with themselves and one gets more in touch with their soul.


The Beej Mantra is called the seed mantra, the shortest form of mantra having supreme power, and its sound brings spiritual upliftment. Each Divine being has a Beej Mantra exclusive to them. Like a seed grows into a strong tree, a Beej Mantra spreads positive energy. It is the soul call.

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