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Candle Spell


Candle spells are a type of ritual or magic practice that involve using candles to focus one’s intention and energy towards a specific goal or desire. There are many reasons why people may choose to do candle spells, including

  1. Manifesting desires: By using candles to represent their desires and intentions, people may believe that they can better focus their energy and manifest their desires into reality.
  2. Spiritual or religious purposes: Many spiritual and religious traditions incorporate candles into their practices, as they are seen as a symbol of light, illumination, and spiritual guidance.
  3. Healing: Some people may use candle spells as a way to promote healing, both physically and emotionally. They may light candles to help release negative energy or promote positive energy, and to create a healing atmosphere.
  4. Protection: Candles can also be used for protection, as they are believed to ward off negative energy and evil spirits.


What we need for the candle spell

  1 We need your photo
2 Your date of birth
3 Your place of birth
4 Your full name

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