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Chandi Mantra Bandhan , Mohan healing& Root chakra aura open by Astro Pujaa Rai


Pallab Kriya Stamvan Mantra Healing by Astro Pujaa Rai

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Code cutting , Black Magic Removal and Mantra Healing By Puja Rai


  1. Code Cutting: This practice is often associated with energy healing and spiritual work. The concept is based on the idea that people can form energetic connections or “codes” with others, places, or situations, which may be positive or negative. These connections can influence our emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being. “Code cutting” involves consciously severing or releasing these connections, particularly those that are perceived as harmful or no longer serving our highest good. Practitioners may use visualization techniques, intention setting, or rituals to facilitate this process.
  2. Black Magic Removal: In various cultures and belief systems, there is a belief in the existence of black magic or malevolent supernatural forces that can cause harm to individuals. “Black magic removal” refers to rituals, prayers, or ceremonies aimed at dispelling or neutralizing the effects of such negative energies or curses. This can involve spiritual cleansing, protective rituals, or seeking assistance from spiritual practitioners, such as shamans, priests, or healers, who specialize in this type of work.
  3. Mantra Healing: Mantras are sacred sounds, words, or phrases that are repeated or chanted for spiritual or therapeutic purposes. In mantra healing, specific mantras are used to promote healing, balance, and spiritual growth. Different mantras may be used for various purposes, such as promoting physical health, emotional well-being, mental clarity, or spiritual awakening. The repetition of mantras is believed to have a calming effect on the mind, as well as to resonate with subtle energy centers in the body (chakras) to facilitate healing and transformation.

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