Dhantrayodashi Laxmi Ganesh Pooja


Dhanteras holds great significance as it is considered the day of the incarnation of Dhanwantari, the God of health. According to legend, Dhanwantari emerged during the churning of the ocean, known as Samudra Manthan, with a vessel of life-giving nectar. As a result, people pray to Dhanwantari, the deity of health, to seek good health and wealth in life.



What are the benefits?

• Provides fame, honor & reputation
• Enhanced knowledge & wisdom
• Removal of obstacles
• Promotes business & career growth

How will it happen?

• Book the Pooja
• Input your Name and Surname/Gotra for Sankalp
• You can attend Pooja live on video call
• Take the blessings

Do you need to arrange anything?

• No, everything will be done by the Astrologer
• You are invited to attend Pooja live on Video call
• Attending Pooja is optional

Duration : 2-3 hours
Astrologer : Ashok S

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