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House Healing by Deepak Jain


Healing by Deepak Jain

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Healing by Deepak Jain


Healing can refer to various techniques and practices aimed at restoring balance and harmony to an individual’s mind, body, and soul. There are different ways to approach healing in astrology, including through the use of planetary energies, astrological symbols and archetypes, and various forms of spiritual and psychological counseling.

Some astrologers believe that certain planets or astrological configurations can indicate areas of vulnerability or imbalance in an individual’s chart, and that working with these energies can help to promote healing and growth. For example, the planet Chiron is often associated with the concept of the “wounded healer,” and working with this energy can help individuals to explore and transform their deepest wounds and traumas.

Ultimately, the goal of healing in astrology is to help individuals to connect with their true selves, identify and overcome obstacles to growth, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.



What we need for this Healing Session ?

– Your Name
– Your D.O.B
– Your Current Location

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