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Special Valantine Day Puja


pooja by Aachary Prateek

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Kal Sarp, Pitra Dosh Pujaa




Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja is performed to remove the harmful effects of kaal sarp dosh. It arises in a condition when all seven planets come between Ketu and Rahu. Hence, a person comes under the influence of Ketu and Rahu. And devotees believe it to be a very harmful Sarpa Dosha.

What are the benefits of doing Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja?

  • Performing Kaal Sarp Shanti Puja helps devotees in receiving blessings from the 9 species of snakes.
  • When the Rahu Ketu Pooja takes place along with the Kaal Sarp Dosh pooja then it gives immense peace and opens doors of success and peace.
  • One also gets blessings from Goddess Lakshmi by worshipping the gold idol of the snake.
  • The mind starts believing in a positive way and disappears any fear from the mind.
  • Also, it reduces the ill effects on the planets. It also leads to a successful professional life and the person gets respect in society.Pitra Dosh is a very important aspect of Indian astrology and one should amend it as soon as possible without any delay. It generally occurs when the ancestors find it very hard to free themselves from the ties on earth which results in hardships. If the pitas are happy with the devotion, then they surely clear all the paths to happiness as well as success.

    What are the benefits of doing Pitra Dosh Puja?

    Pitra Dosh Puja has the following benefits:

    • If a person does good for the upliftment and peace of their ancestors then he is sure to seek many blessings.
    • It is also seen that if a person does pitra dosh pooja then it removes all the obstacles and problems from his path.
    • This pooja also provides harmonious and cordial family relations and family life becomes very smooth.
    • This puja also provides peace of mind and provides financial stability.
    • This pooja also helps to eradicate acute diseases and relief from bad effects of the malefic planets and cures any destruction.
    • It also protects the family from any evil energies and gives them the strength to overcome all the hurdles of their lives very easily.
    • This pooja is a very powerful tool to overcome bad conditions. It also revives good fortune and positive energy all around.

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