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Satkarma Satrunas puja/ Mohan kamban 11 days Mantra healing by Astro Pujaa Rai


Candle Healing

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Kamban /Cord cutting Healing ritual in full moon


Kamban, also known as cord cutting healing, is a spiritual and energetic practice aimed at severing unhealthy or unwanted energetic ties between individuals or between a person and an event, situation, or habit. These “cords” are believed to be connections formed through emotional, mental, and physical interactions, which can sometimes become burdensome or harmful.
Cord cutting healing is a powerful practice for those seeking to release unwanted energetic ties and regain personal autonomy. By engaging in this ritual, individuals can experience profound emotional and spiritual liberation, paving the way for personal growth and healthier relationships.



Benefits of Kamban/Cord Cutting Ritual

  • Emotional Liberation
    • Releases emotional attachments and negative ties to past relationships or experiences.
    • Alleviates lingering sadness, anger, or resentment.
  • Mental Clarity
    • Clears mental fog and confusion caused by emotional baggage.
    • Enhances focus and cognitive function.
  • Physical Well-being
    • Reduces physical symptoms linked to emotional stress, such as headaches or digestive issues.
    • Promotes overall physical health and vitality.
  • Spiritual Growth
    • Facilitates deeper spiritual awareness and connection.
    • Opens pathways for spiritual healing and growth.
  • Improved Relationships
    • Enhances current relationships by removing old, unhealthy connections.
    • Encourages healthier, more balanced interactions with others.
  • Increased Energy
    • Frees up personal energy previously tied up in old emotional connections.
    • Boosts overall energy levels and vitality.
  • Self-Empowerment
    • Encourages personal empowerment and self-confidence.
    • Helps establish healthy boundaries and personal space.
  • Inner Peace
    • Promotes a sense of inner peace and emotional balance.
    • Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.
  • Enhanced Intuition
    • Heightens intuitive abilities by clearing out emotional clutter.
    • Improves decision-making and personal insight.
  • Healing Traumas
    • Assists in healing deep-seated emotional traumas.
    • Provides a safe space to process and release past pain.

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