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Mangal/Rahu Dosh Pooja by Mukesh T


What do we need for this pooja? 

Birth Details: The astrologer will need the exact date, time, and place of birth of the person for whom the puja is being performed

Puja Date and Time: The astrologer will select an auspicious date and time for performing the puja. This is usually based on the individual’s birth chart and the astrologer’s recommendation.

Horoscope or Kundali: The astrologer will analyze the individual’s horoscope or kundali to assess the impact and severity of Mangal Rahu Dosha. The horoscope provides a detailed representation of the planetary positions and their influence on various aspects of life.



Indian astrological beliefs, Mangal Dosha and Rahu Dosha are considered astrological afflictions that can impact an individual’s life and relationships. The performance of specific pujas or rituals is believed to mitigate the effects of these doshas. While the efficacy and benefits of such pujas are subjective and vary depending on personal beliefs, here are some potential perceived benefits associated with Mangal Dosha and Rahu Dosha puja:

.Enhanced Career Opportunities: It is believed that Mangal Dosha and Rahu Dosha can also impact an individual’s professional life. The performance of pujas associated with these doshas is thought to alleviate obstacles and enhance career prospects. It is believed that these pujas can help individuals overcome hurdles and attain success in their professional endeavors.

.Mitigating Health Issues: In some beliefs, Mangal Dosha and Rahu Dosha are associated with health concerns. Performing pujas related to these doshas is believed to alleviate the negative health effects attributed to them.

.Astrological Remedies: In astrology, certain rituals or remedies are prescribed to counteract the effects of planetary afflictions. Performing Mangal Dosha and Rahu Dosha pujas can be seen as a means of following these prescribed remedies. Believers in astrology may perceive these pujas as a way to mitigate the doshas and their potential negative impact on various aspects of life.

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