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Code cutting , Black Magic Removal and Mantra Healing By Puja Rai


Satru nas puja/ Mohan Kriya Mantra Healing by Astro Pujaa Ra

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Pallab Kriya Stamvan Mantra Healing by Astro Pujaa Rai


Pallab Kriya Stamvan Mantra Healing is likely a spiritual or holistic practice that involves the use of mantras for healing purposes. However, I couldn’t find specific information on “Pallab Kriya Stamvan” as a recognized practice or term. It’s possible that it’s a specific technique or method within a larger spiritual tradition, or it could be a newer concept that hasn’t gained widespread recognition yet.

Mantra healing is a practice found in various spiritual traditions, particularly in Hinduism and Buddhism, where specific sounds or phrases are repeated to bring about spiritual, mental, or physical healing. These mantras are believed to have inherent power and vibration that can positively influence the practitioner’s well-being.


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