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Name Correction Report by Sonia


General Name Correction by Astro Yashi

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Professional Brand Name & Logo Correction by Hermeet Chawla


Enhance your luck/power by the correct use of your name. Name correction when done well, sync with your middle name and last name gives you enormous power to lead the life


What is the Need for this Name Correction?
we need for this name correction
A) your Name:
  1. First Name :
  2. Middle Name :
  3. Last Name :

B) What is your Preference ?

C) Date of Birth:
D) Remarks for Astrologer Regarding this order ?

Please mention above details in Order notes during check out.


How to Change Name in Numerology?

Name change Numerology doesn’t mean; you need to change your name completely. Spelling Correction in Name are done to make your Name compatible with date of birth. Only a few alphabets are either added or removed in the Name.

* For example, if the name of a person is Ayushman, and it is not compatible with his date of birth, the name as per compatibility can be Aayushman or Ayushmaan, etc.

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