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Psychotherapy and counselling by Tarot Ritika


Counselling by Shalini Sharma

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Psychotherapy and counselling by Tarot Tarot Bhavya


This Session is 1 and half hour by Google Meet after book with Tarot Bhavya



What is Counselling?
Counselling is just like therapy which allows people to speak out what is in their minds without feeling of being judged or commented on. There are online counselling these days that allow people to meet the counsellor or therapist in their own space. It also provides a way to self-discovery, self-acceptance and brings mental peace. Counselling will head you to a path where you can express what you feel and bring about clarification and validation in your life. You can talk to an online counsellor anytime and speak to them about your problems before moving on to the importance of counselling, let’s have a look at the benefits of counselling.

Benefits of Counselling
Now that you have understood What is Counselling? So now let’s discuss some Benefits of Counseling. There are numerous advantages of counselling. Online counselling also has many benefits. After taking counselling, you will realize you have undergone a lot of changes in yourself. It makes you calm, more relaxed, and lively than before. Let’s have a look at some of the Counselling benefits.


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