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Rahu Grah Shanti Pooja By Ashok




Rahu is a body-less planet that is considered to be a shadow. It is the North lunar node and has no significance in Astronomy. But Vedic astrology has given a high status to Rahu and its influence on the native is considered of utmost important as they are quite critical and become a huge reason for the downfall of a person.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is regarded as the planet with the most destructive powers. It is the one responsible for amplifying greed and rage in a native. The malefic influence of Rahu makes a person turn into a liar and one who is unsympathetic and quarrelsome. Such people often suffer from the emotional trauma of having no child, or if they have, their bond is not strong or even not good enough to sustain the relationship. The Rahu’s negative energy makes a person yearn for all materialistic pleasure, and to attain that, he could go to any extent, even if it means to cheat or fraud someone.

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