Shatrau Samhara puja




Performing Shatru Samhara Pooja Mantra Japa & Yajna protects us from our enemies on the professional front and gives us the strength to face them. It also solves all the problems like constant loss in business, and debts and helps to retain wealth. The word Shatru samhara is a Sanskrit word where Shatru means enemy and samharam means destruction. The destruction of our enemies is the fundamental goal of this puja and yagna. During this puja ritual, we worship God, Karthikeya. It is said that fame, success, money & happiness are never to be consistent. Sometimes our enemies or any harmful entities can ruin our happy life. Shatru Samhara Pooja Mantra Japa & Yajna is highly recommended for the people who are facing enemies at the professional front.

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