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Water Meditation


Please sit with a glass of water at the time of meditation
Date and Time of meditation – 18/2/2023 at 6:00 pm



Water and meditation go hand in hand. So, if you’ve ever taken a guided meditation class, you know that water is involved quite a bit. The image of water is used to help represent the flow of our minds, helping us to push through any mental blocks that we have and rejuvenate our bodies and souls. We can imagine the sand on the beach shore, the waves on the lake, or the constant strength of a river.

Water enhances meditation in many ways. Some people will use water sounds when they meditate by themselves, focusing on the sounds of waves crashing, a babbling brook, or even the simple drip drops of rain. Other people will meditate in water, claiming that it helps them to feel weightless and more in the moment.

Meditation is generally safe for most people and has been shown to impact various health conditions and make people feel better. Water meditation can help people who have struggled to get into meditation and really feel in the moment, and it is a safe way to really connect with those full-body benefits.

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