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Angel Healing By Sangvita ji


This Healing through Google Meet

duration is 30 Minuts

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1. Angelic Energy Healing Helps You Regain Focus

Through Angelic pillar of Light/energy healing, you allow the divine light to flow through you. As more of it flows through your body, mind, and soul, it clears out a lot of clutter. Energy Healing puts your chakras–the center of spiritual power in the human body–in balance. When your chakras are balanced, you will begin to feel like you have gained a new perspective on life. Everything will appear clearer – your life, your adversities, your career path, everything.

2. Angelic Healing Helps You Release Karmic Debts

Think of bad karma like a blockage in your system. When there is a blockage in an artery, the blood flow to the heart is reduced, and it leads to a cardiac arrest. Similarly, when you have bad karma around you, your energy may get trapped. Such interruptions to the flow of energy may express themselves in a variety of forms. You may feel irritated, depressed, or it may even take the form of a major physical problem.


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