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Name Correction by Bhawna S


Enhance your luck/power with the correct use of your name. Name correction when done well, sync with your middle name and last name and gives you enormous power to lead the life


What is the Need for this Name Correction?
we need this name correction
A) your Name:
  1. First Name :
  2. Middle Name :
  3. Last Name :

B) What is your Preference?

C) Date of Birth:
D) Remarks for Astrologer Regarding this order?

Please mention the above details in the Order notes during checkout.


Only changing your name is not enough. Once a Numerologist read all your numbers and suggests a new name; next is you need to follow and apply a few things to make the new name impactful in your life.

  • The name with new spelling is to be written 25000-30000 times on a register for 2-3 months and observe the vibrations.
  • This new name will be your identity now, so try adding your new name on all important documents.
  • Get your visiting cards designed in your new name.
  • Change your name’s spelling with a new name on all your social media channels.
  • Change the new name spelling on your house’s nameplate.
  • In short, the more you can update with the new name, the more you will be benefited and will see good results very soon.

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