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Psychic Healing

“Psychic healing” describes incidents of physical healing that cannot be explained in purely medical, physical, or psychological terms, such as a surprisingly rapid rate of healing or a complete reversal of symptoms that is beyond medical expectations. Many techniques are associated with psychic healing, including prayer, laying-on-of-hands, religious rituals, meditation, and psychic surgery. While anecdotal accounts of psychic healing and miraculous cures date back to biblical times, attempts to rigorously document them have generally been inconclusive. The strongest evidence of psychic healing comes from a small body of laboratory research, where the effects of suggestion are eliminated or at least minimized, baselines are established, before-and-after conditions are measured, control groups are used, and results are quantified. Psychic healers, particularly in non-Western countries, provide a major holistic healthcare resource for society, treating a wide variety of complaints with a combination of medicinal, psychological, and spiritual cures.

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